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  • Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY     07 05 2017

I can only concur that this is money very well spent. Polite,efficient,and Mimi set me up very quickly with a great instructor and got me a road test within a week. Excellent service and I passed my test. Thank you guys!

Chelsea L.    Albany, NY 04/19/2017

Seriously the best money I ever spent. So worth it. I submitted my request last Friday and have my road test scheduled for this Friday. They don’t charge you until the test is scheduled, either, so you can have peace of mind. So thankful for Mimi because I would have had to wait until June to get my license otherwise. Can’t express enough how grateful I am!! Highly recommend.


Was a little skeptical when I learned of their service but they turned out to be the real deal…They were able to schedule my son’s road test within 2 weeks and Mimi kept in touch with us every step of the way.  They didn’t ask for any payment until we confirmed the appt. on the DMV website and even reached out after his road test (he passed!!).  Highly recommend!!


  • Mike L.
  • Long Island, NY  2/3/2017

I needed to get my road test fast and Speedy got me a road test appointment one week after taking my 5 hour course! Miriam wrote me fast, kept in touch via text and Speedy delivered on their promise.  She even sent me a Google map link to the road test site and reminded me what I needed to do and bring.
Plain and simple,great service.

  • Danielle F.
  • New York, NY     7/10/2016

Talk about speedy, speedy Gonzalez couldn’t live up to this business. Most know that getting a road test appointment soon, is next to impossible. Spots are at times booked for several months ahead, especially in the summer, which I attempted to book. I was moving and NEEDED to get my license before I went. I had a month and every other place I contacted said they might, just might, be able to get me a appointment on time, no guarantee. I contacted Speedy Road Test as a last alternative not expecting much. I received a text from them within a couple hours, letting me know they’d check in the morning. I had requested I needed one within two weeks and I’d take any road test site in NYC but preferred havemeyer. The next morning I got a phone call from them, specifically a woman named Mimi letting me know not only had they found me a test within my timeframe, they had found it at the location I wanted, the NEXT DAY. I was so shocked. They asked if I needed transportation and I definitely did, I was unprepared. They found me a instructor able to drive me there AND give me a lesson before hand.

To sum everything up, Speedy road test is incredible, and Mimi who works for them is simply amazing. If you need a road test soon, or any similar service, go with them!

 A 5 star review by Keith F. 12/21/2015

No point looking any further for a speedy road test, Mimi and her husband and amazing! Their communication (predominantly via text) is superb and they will do all they can to accommodate you. They are also compassionate and really care about each prospective driver as more than just another booking.

If you are looking to get a rush road test, no matter where you are in NYC, these are your guys!

P.S. I didn’t get driving lessons with them as I am a fully licensed overseas driver, but I have no doubt their great services extend to that field too


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After my wife failed her initial road test the dmv gave her an new appointment nearly 2 months later. After some research I came across this site. Honestly at first I thought it was a scam. I payed the fee ( cleared after appointment was confirmed ) 2 hours later I got a txt asking if an appointment 8 days later was ok. I took it and it worked. Within minutes it was confirmed on the dmv website. And yes she did pass the test this time. Thanks for the help guys.

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Thaddeus C. Brooklyn NY 1/14/2016

 So these people are honestly life savers you don’t really know the struggle until you try to find a quick road test date in New York always 2 months backed up in advanced which is ridiculous these guys have worked wonders for me I scheduled 3 times with them I failed my first two test but then I took it s third time and passed first two locations were Staten Island and then new Rochelle now Brooklyn all of the appointments were setup in advance and when it was confirmed the payment was sent they definitely are good at what they do so if you need a quick road test date and you don’t wanna wait so long for a appointment through rtss definitely use speedy road test !!!


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  • Anil P.  01/012016
  • Manhattan Valley, Manhattan, NY

After failing my road test I contacted Speedy Road Test NY and they were able to schedule another one within a week. After two more failed attempts I was able to finally pass my road test with the help of Joel who was very patient and encouraging after every fail. I found Speedy very helpful with scheduling my  other tests within 2 days of my fails. Mimi was very helpful, informative and knowledgeable. If you are a new driver, I highly recommend Speedy. They are definitely worth your money. 

A 5 star review of Speedy Road Test Ny by Yousef S. 12/16/2015

Great service by Mimi, she booked me the road test the same day i failed. I booked jamaica queens took the exam a week after and passed. Reliable quick service and i would highly recommend speedy road test. Best service for scheduling a road test asap.

Thank you so much.



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S GCedahurst NY 12/16/2015

I called late evening and received a text back less than 2 minutes later asking my zip code. I was immediately offered a choice of available appointments. Test was scheduled for less than a week later. All payments were done securely online. Great service. I highly recommend Speedy Road Test NY.

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C T.      Brooklyn, NY  11/15/20       

Mimi was amazing in working with me to get a road test quickly. I was able to get a road test in two days.

They worked with me to find something around my schedule. They were professional and efficient.

I was happy I took the chance and scheduled my road test through them.

Mimi suggested locations, in NYC where I live, that were first available appointments and it paid off. I was able to get my test in two days. Yes, two days.

Once my test was paid for in a simple process I was given confirmation and I was able to go to the DMV website and see my scheduled test.

I am not normally  one to write reviews but I had to leave this one. All the best folks.

A 5 star review

Mark E.  Tully NY.  10/15/2015

Awesome service, I was in a pinch when I learned my license expired over 2 years ago and I had to start over. In less than a week from getting my permit, thanks to Mimi, I took my road test and got my license back. Speedy Road Test NY…YOU ROCK!


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  • Neila J.
  • Baldwin, NY 10/31/2015

I failed my road test and didn’t know what to do, a friend told me about this place so i called them right away on the same day i failed, in less then 5 days I immediately got another road test and passed. If it wasn’t for Mimi I wouldn’t have my licence right now and I would’ve had to wait 2 months to get a road test. Thanks sooo much Mimi I recommend this place to everyone!

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Kaitlyn G.Islip NY  8/16/2015

Great website. They got me a test SUPER quickly at my preferred location. It’s super easy and extremely helpful and couldn’t thank them enough for getting a road test way before school started. And also I finally passed.


A 5 star review by

S.P Brooklyn NY 8/4/2015

Speedy Road Test NY was extremely helpful when i had to get a road test ASAP! they got one for me for the next day!! their service was amazing! Thank You Speedy Road Test NY!!


A 5 star review by

Godson N. Bronx, NY 6/24/2015

Omg very very professional. .as annoying as I was the lady called MIMI was patient and kind . lightening fast with the booking unbelievable. Thank you MIMI.  Biggest hug for you


A 5 star review by

Donyala M. New York,NY 8/16/2015

Speedy was very helpful in scheduling my road test in days according to my own schedule…I passed and very happy with the service..I make motion pictures and wouldn’t have the time until next year..very happy with speedy


A 5 star review by

Andrea C Syracuse, NY  8/20/2015

Speedy NY road test came to my rescue. I failed my first road test and I would have had to wait 2 months for the next available time slot. With speedy road test, they got me in a week later and I passed 🙂 they are awesome.


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Glenna C. 06/07/2015 Manhattan, NY

The thought of driving has always scared me. After 6+ years of casually taking the test, this year I decided I needed to get my license. There are limited space available and road test can be months apart. Speedy Road Test NY helped me book my road test just days apart from my previous fail. Not only was I able to get a fast test date, I was also able to get my preferred location. The woman I spoke to was always supportive and encouraging after each fail. Lmao. I am still excited from my June 4th pass.Thanks again to Speedy Road Test NY!!!!!!!!


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  • Anscha M.
  • Midtown East, Manhattan, NY

Thanks to Mimi from Speedy Road Test I managed to schedule a road test within three days. I called on a Friday afternoon and Mimi managed to schedule my test for Monday! This definitely worth the money considering it usually takes weeks to get a road test appointment on the DMV website! Thank you Speedy Road Test for your help!

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